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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Womens IPL Prices

IPL treatmentLipChinFull FaceJaw lineUnderarmsBikiniHikiniFull BrazilianHalf LegFull LegFull armForearmSnail TrailNipplesPre Treatment Shave
1 Session$30$45$65$40$50$80$90$110$170$230$150$100$35$35$25
4 Sessions$114$171$418$247$190$304$342$418$646$874$570$380$133$133$95
8 Sessions$216$324$792$468$360$576$648$792$1224$1656$1080$720$252$252$180

Mens IPL Prices

IPL treatmentKneesHalf LegFull LegLower LegChest or StomachFull BackButtocksBrazilianUpper/Lower BackShouldersForearmsFull ArmToes & FeetHands & FeetPre Treatment Shave
1 Session$65$190$260$170$160$260$160$120$160$140$120$165$45$45$25
4 Sessions$247$722$988$646$608$988$608$456$608$532$456$627$171$171$95
8 Sessions$468$1368$1872$1224$1152$1872$1152$864$1152$1008$864$1188$324$324$180

IPL Pigmentation Reduction

(Complimentary LED White Light Therapy treatment included with all pigmentation reduction treatments)

Pigmentation Decollatage

$665 when having 4 session over a 6 m…read more

Pigmentation Face

$570 when you have 4 sessions over a …read more

Pigmentation Hands
Spot Treatment

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation full face
Skin rejuvenation 4 Sessions

Incorporating a series of four IPL tr…read more


IPL(Intense pulsed light) for permanent hair reduction

Permanently reduce unwanted hair from all areas of the body.
Intense pulsed light (IPL) permanently reduces the amount of hair within a treated area.
Our technicians are expertly trained to deliver you the best results.

How does IPL work?

IPL targets hair folicles containing hair germinating cells using visible spectrum light at 640nm.
Hair germinates every 3-4 weeks, therefore to maximise the effectiveness of your IPL treatment, we advise a 4 week gap between treatments to target the hair germinating cells in the anagen growth stage. 

How many IPL sessions do I need?

Short answer: It depends, but you usually need at least 4  IPL sessions for good results. 

How many sessions are required will depend on what results you are looking for, your type of skin,hair and the region you are wanting to treat. A minimum of 4 IPL sessions are usually required for good results. Each session is spaced 2-4 weeks apart depending on the region being treated. 

IPL consultation

What a consultation involves?
We will assess your hair and determine approximately how many IPL sessions you will need.

What to do before an IPL session

Four weeks before your treatment
Leave 4 weeks after any waxing before any IPL session in order for your hair folicles to be treated.

On the day
Shave on the day or night before your IPL treatment.


24-48 hours after your treatment
Do wear loose clothing
Don’t get sweaty, avoid any intense exercise
Don’t use scrubs or exfoliate
Don’t go swimming
Don’t have hot showers
Don’t stay out in the sun

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