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Lady enjoying a suntan on the beach

Spray Tans and Vertical Sunbed

Spray Tans

Look gorgeous in a natural looking Moroccan Tan containing Argan and Rosehip Oil. No orange colour no odour, no itchiness just a natural looking tan. The tan will last 6-8 days or 10-15 days with a tan extender cream. Look great for that school ball, Christmas Party, Wedding, or just that special occasion. Great for men and women. Note waxing and shaving should be done 24 hours before to avoid spotting. We provide disposable g- strings for a professional service for you. Men wear a pair of their own underwear. Any tan washes out of clothing but it is best to bring a change of loose clothing to put on afterwards to avoid rubbing until dry. The product develops over 8 hours and then you shower the excess off to reveal the finished tan.

Half Body Spray Tan
Full Body Spray Tan
Pre-tan Scrub /Shower
Return within 15 days

Return within 15 days to get your spr…read more


Vertical Tanning ( Sun bed)

If you are a first time client or it’s your first time booking a tanning appointment here, you will need to arrive early and fill in a form to check you meet the criteria to be eligible to use the vertical tanner. The maximum duration for tanning in any one session is 9 minutes

3 minute tanning session
6 minute tanning session
9 minute tanning session

Concession cards

Concession cards are available for purchase in-store only
Concession cards give you the most value for money. Each concessions gives you 3 minutes of tanning.

$120 for 24 concessions (72 minutes ) Save $40
$155 for 36 concessions (108 minutes) Save $55

Enhance your tan further

These tanning accelerators help you to achieve a deeper tan in less time by boosting the melanin producing cells in the tissue.
If you are new to tanning we recommend the Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator. For those wishing to enhance their tan further we recommend Daringly Dark. For those with darker skin and advanced tanners the Cherry Bomb helps you maximise your tan. For the quickest tan possible Australian Gold Accelerator extreme contains DHA, which is the same ingredient used in spray tans.

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